Selected Journalism

Harvard's Club Brawl  |  September 2017
Breaking with centuries-old tradition, Harvard is moving to eliminate its male final clubs, charging the at the Porcellian, A.D., Fox, Fly and other high end frats are bastions of patriarchal privilege, fomentors of sexual assault and antithetical to its values. Is any of that true? An alumnus who was "punched" by the Porcellian in 1972 (but didn't join), John Sedgwick considers the legal, moral and logical flaws in the college's crusade - and the role played by a pornographic ice sculpture. [download PDF]

Inside the Legal Intrigue at Columbia‚Äôs Elite, Secret Campus Society  |  October 2015
Walter Perry was convicted of stealing $650,000 from Saint Anthony Hall, the secretive Ivy League club. Is he guilty, or was something else more mysterious at play? [view full article]

The Love Machine  |  February 2001
As you read this, the newest generation of artificial heart is about to be implanted into the chest of a grateful recipient. This version can be recharged by plugging it into a wall socket or a car cigarette lighter. All of which raises vital questions for surgeous and poet alike - not to mention investors, who will keenly watch two companies bie for what could be a $7 billion market [download PDF]

The Domination Factor  |  August 2000
Testosterone - your mojo - is the distilled essence of manhood. Long blamed in certain circles as the stuff of male violence, the hormone in fact plays a more subtle role, the one that impels men toward work, winning and status. [download PDF]

The Case of the Missing, Cross-Dressing Brahmin Heiress  |  November 1996
How could it be that the daughter of a prominent Boston family could dissapear and almost no one cared? [download PDF]

The Enigma of William Weld  |  July 1993
As republicans cast about for a new hero, some are looking to the puckish governor of Massachusets. What he seeks, in turn, is a game worthy of his wit and maddening sense of irony. [download PDF]

The Last Boola-Boola  |  April 1994
Once the bulldog of the Ivy League, Yale University now finds itself riddle with dept, doubt and denial. [download PDF]

Indecision '92: Is George Bush a Traitor to His Class?  |  October 1992
Let's review that noblesse-oblige thing [download PDF]

The Adonis Complex  |  May 2001
In order to look like Kim Miller, pictured at right, American men are increasingly thinking and acting like teenage girls. [download PDF]

The Foreskin Saga  |  February 2000
John Sedgwick takes an up-close look at the increasinly potent movement against male circumcision [download PDF]

No Ribbon For Your Prostate  |  July 1999
Prostate cancer has a greater rate of incidence than breast cancer, and both diseases kill in comparable numbers. Yet the male malady trails badly in research funding. Here's why[download PDF]

Roots  |  May 1999
When clumps of her hair started falling out, geneticist Angela Christiano behan a scientific search for the causes of baldness. She found the first gene linked to baldness and is close to finding a scalp treatment that will prevent and cure hairlessness. So who haven't the drug companies beaten a path to her lab door? [download PDF]

Airborne Again  |  May 1998
Bigger and zanier than ever, the Transcendental Meditation movement has some loft plans, but always at a price [download PDF]

Guess who's coming to VMI?  |  July 1997
Between old-fashioned hazing and 1990s- style sexual harassment, there is only a thin gray line. And that is the matter that weighs heavily in the humid air at the Virginia Military Institute, which, after 150 years of male bonding, reluctantly awaits the arrival next month of twenty-three woman warriors [download PDF]

The Californication of Montana  |  December 1995
First came the writers. Then the actors. now an onslaught of rootless West Coasters has brought a clash of cultures to Big Sky country. Try some sushi, cowpoke? [download PDF]

The Mentality Bunker  |  November 1994
For decades the secretive Pioneer Fund has promoted the most dangerously explosive notion in American life. Who are these guys? [download PDF]

Beirut on the Charles  |  February 1993
At faction-ridden Harvard Law School, the only natural impulse that remains above suspicion is ambition itself. [download PDF]

Blood Brothers  |  May 1992
Billy Bulger speaks Latin and Greek and dominates Massachusetts government. Whitney Bulger speaks the language of the streets and dominates the Irish Mob. Two proud sons of South Boston, they rule their respective realms with the same chilling technique: absolute fear [download PDF]

Games: Divorce Court  |  February 1991
Playing basketball with women has taught me many things. For openers, not to be guarded by anyone I love [download PDF]

We're All Ears  |  May 1990
A few discreet words about the utter necessity of sharing secrets [download PDF]

Gardner's Eden  |  April 1990
Boston Brahmin Isabella Stewart Gardner build an architectural delight to house some artistic surprises. [download PDF]

The Degradation and Miraculous Redemption of the Hoodlum Heir  |  April 1990
Seth Morgan was serving five years to life in Vacaville. This walk on the wild side may help make him the Nelson Algren of his generation. [download PDF]

Glory Days  |  January 1990
With tragedy behind him, Mathew Broderick has emerged, in the words of Sidney Lumet, as "one of the two best young actors in the U.S." [download PDF]

Elements of Style: That Museum That Eccentricity Build  |  November 1989
Boston's Gardner Museum displys a colection of art as whimsical as the nineteenth-century woman who created it all. [download PDF]

East to Eden  |  March 1989
Martha's Vineyard softly seduces and embraces, just like a woman [download PDF]

Brotherhood of the Pig  |  November 1988
Winds of change are howling at the well-guarded portals of Harvard's most elit and secret club, the Porcellian. [download PDF]

Elements of Style: The Steinway Mystique  |  June 1988
Some pianos are like members of the family [download PDF]

Writing on the Walls of Ivy  |  September
[download PDF]

A Case of Wife Murder  |  June 1990
Charles Stuart's hunger for a new life meant doing something wicked to the one he had [download PDF]

The Complexity Problem  |  March 1993
[download PDF]

Cut Out That Racket  |  November 1991
[download PDF]

Strong but Sensitive  |  April 1991
[download PDF]

Science for Sale
Scientists tell us to take vitamin E. Then they say, Not so fast. They say that the thinning ozone will cause skin cancer. But, no, the ozone is okay after all. Why are they doing this to us? For the money. [download PDF]

the estrogen clock
It governs much of your life, in monthly and yearly cycles. And it has a profound effect on your health. Here's what to expect from the quintessential female hormone. [download PDF]

Welcome to the world of managed care
Confused about all the health care options being thrown at you? Let us help. Herewith, everything you need know to choose the right plan for you. [download PDF]

Wanting to believe Rosemary Altea  |  March 1998
Just what is the powerful appeal of this popular bestselling psychic? Our author, threading his way among believers and skeptics, comes to his own conclusions, sort of. [download PDF]

When the Minister Is a Young Woman  |  October 1997
It's tough enough to lead a church, harder still when you're female and choose to divorce. [download PDF]

Junk Medicine  |  August 1997
Modern science is better at curing our ills than anything that preceded it. So why are so many people turning to bogus therapies? [download PDF]

What difference does a Single-Sex School make to a girl later in life?  |  March 1997
[download PDF]

The new AIDS risk for American women  |  October 1996
HIV-1A, C, D, E... Researchers have identified new subtypes of the deadly virus in Asia and Africa. Now we must assess the new AIDS risk for American women [download PDF]

The Nurses' Health Study  |  January 1996
We don't know who they are, exactly. But for the past 20 years, 121,701 nurses have helped us understand how lifestyle affects our health. This is their story. [download PDF]

the good health guys  |  July 1995
They work at the Harvard School of Public health and they are determined to eradicate disease from the planet. It may sound crazy, but they think they've got a shot at it. [download PDF]

AMERICA IS FAT!  |  January 1995
Yes, we're talking about you out there. More Americans are obese than ever before, and it's wreaking havoc with our collective health. If you want to know what to do about it, read on. [download PDF]

What's love got to do with it  |  July 1994
Love is the Holy Grail of modern relationships. We're always looking for it. We get married for it, and we get diverced for it. But we're still never sure we've really found it. [download PDF]

Genes "R" us - maybe  |  June 1994
You are paying $3 billion to support a project that promises to eradicate disease by redesigning our bsic genetic structure. Self's analysis reaises questions about how much this project will improve the nation's health. [download PDF]

The Estrogen Report  |  March 1994
Never before have women come into puberty so early and lived so long. And never before have they been exposed to so much estrogen. Is it possible, scientists wonder, to get too much of a good thing? [download PDF]

the broken brain  |  January 1994
There are 2 million Americans who are schizophrenic. Some live among the homeless. Some live almost normal lives. All are struggling to keep their personalities from flying apart. This is Daniel's story. He is one of the successful ones. [download PDF]

what, me worry?  |  November 1993
Americans worry too much about the dangers of cellular telephones, silicone breast implants and nuclear waste dumps while doing little to reduce the truly life-threatening risks of auto accidents, handguns and AIDS. [download PDF]

Solving the breast cancer mystery  |  October 1993
Scientists are closing in on the gene for breast cancer. It's not a cure, but it's as close as we've ever come. [download PDF]

the times they are a ch-ch-changing  |  June 1993
And things are happening so fast your head is spinning. Every day you face a new world: new countries, new diseases, new rules of behaviour and millions of new products. CAN YOU FIND HAPPINESS IN SUCH AN AVALANCHE OF CHANGE? YOU BET YOUR VCR YOU CAN. [download PDF]

the secret to a long life  |  January 1993
Scientists now believe that the human life span can be doubled or even tripled. But does anyone want to live 200 years? [download PDF]

The Health Care Crisis  |  December 1992
Don't let anyone tell you it can't be fixed, because it can [download PDF]

The Face of Crime in America  |  May 1992
When violence touches a woman, it is most likely at the hands of someone she loves [download PDF]

PAIN  |  July 1991
After 4,000 years scientists are finally solving the mysteris of pain [download PDF]

Sudden Divorce Syndrome  |  December 2007/January 2008
Divorce may be the worst thing that can happen to a man's health, finances, and emotional well-being. Yet one in four men who will get divorced this year don't have any clue that it's coming. Here's how to avoid that surprise. [download PDF]

Collision Course  |  August 2007
Liko Kenney came from a fiercely free-spirited New Hampshire clan that produced skier Bode Miller and ran the popular Tamarack Tennis Camp on its backwoods compound. Bruce McKay was a hard-nosed cop who felt people needed to be taught to follow the rules. In the end, their final confrontation was as shocking as it was inevitable. [download PDF]

First Person: The Harvard Nazi  |  March 2005
A friendship with Hitler infects a noble Brahmin line. [download PDF]

Mavericks: The Shaggy God  |  May 2008
Richard Stallman is the tech genius behind a software revolution that continues to transform the wired world. But instead of cashing in on his big idea - well let's just say he's taken a different path. [download PDF]

The Lion in Winter  |  December 2005
The cranky, irrepressible, pugnacious John Silber still has a few things to get off his chest. [download PDF]

At Random: Invasion of the Greenheads
[download PDF]

Day of the Greenheads An update on the North Shores most unwelcome visitor
[download PDF]

Disasters: The Next Quake
[download PDF]

Jean Mayer: He fought the Nazis. He fought Nixon. But will he win the fight to make Tufts work?
[download PDF]

King of the Hustlers
[download PDF]

The Man Who Wants to Steal Massachusetts
[download PDF]

The Urban Missionary
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: Keeping Bostonians Proper
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: Notes on the Big House
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: Princess of Wails
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: Some Enchanged Village
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: Sunset at the Somerset Club
[download PDF]

Supercharged  |  June 2007
Watertown's A123 Systems make batteries. Very special, high-tech batteries. Batteries that could boost the state economy, rescue the American auto industry, change the way we drive, and save the environment in the bargain. [download PDF]

the last conservative  |  December 1994
At Harvard, Professor Harvey Mansfield isn't just another conservative. He is the only conservative. [download PDF]

Nobody Messes With Larry Tribe  |  November 1994
Friends see the country's most brilliant legal scholar, enemies see a shrewd political animal. But everyone agrees... [download PDF]

Social Relations: Gratefully Dead  |  June 1992
Everyone does it once, so why not make the most of life's most likely event? [download PDF]

The Way We Were: Boston 1919: Wild in the Streets
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: The Goriest Crime of the Century
[download PDF]

The Way We Were: The Loew Life
[download PDF]

A Tennis Prodigy at 12 Is Beaten by the Villain
[download PDF]


Mark Ptashne: The Quest for Biology's Holy Grail  |  March/April 1981
[download PDF]

Nigel Chattey Has Power Surges, Then He Macro Thinks  |  January 1981
[download PDF]

Fred Grassle dives to a strange new world  |  November-December 1980
[download PDF]

The Real Paper

The Lewis Files: The Case of The Falcon's Nest  |  January 12, 1980
[download PDF]

The Legacy of Minos  |  March-April 1977
[download PDF]